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Scholarship Winners - 2016/17 Academic Year

Congratulations to our 2016 scholarship winners. This year Trona Valley received twenty-four applications—all demonstrating good things for the future of our community. Thanks to those individuals who participated in our scholarship program and good luck to each and every one of you in furthering your education. Your future looks bright. When asked to describe themselves in three words, here are their responses: 

Manuel Lucero IV     Resourceful, resilient, and charitable. “I am resourceful because I find opportunities where others see none and I always look at problems from different perspectives. I am resilient because no matter how many obstacles stand in my way, I strive for success and demand progress. I always make an effort to offer assistance and guidance when needed by others.” Manuel will be attending Western Wyoming Community College pursuing his education in Pre-Radiology. He also plans to attend Weber State University to continue his education in the medical field.

Kailyne Dickinson     Ambitious, dependable, optimistic. “I have always had to work hard for my accomplishments, and that makes achieving my goals even more rewarding. I know that in order to promote goodness in the world, one must be dependable and gain the trust of those around them.” During High School, Kailyne completed several dual enrollment credits and she obtained her certification in Phlebotomy, as well as a Nurse Assistant. Kailyne will be attending Western Wyoming Community College where she plans to gain entrance into the Nursing Program and then continuing her education to become a Registered Nurse.  

Ross Slagowski     Driven, reliable, and jovial. “Be happy and keep moving forward. As long as I work hard and keep a smile, I can get through anything. While growing up on a farm, I have learned the basics of becoming self-driven and hardworking.” Ross is inspired by individuals who work to provide natural resources in society. He plans to pursue a degree in Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. Longtime positive influences and community enrichment are major focuses for Ross. 

Paxton Finch    Compassionate, optimistic, and dependable. “I spend a lot of time helping others, solving problems, and I always finish what I start. I began practicing a strong work ethic early in school, which prepared me academically in school and helped me focus on my goals." Paxton will be attending the University of Utah Honors College where he plans to complete a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Business.